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So you’ve locked in the date, bought the dress, decided on a theme for your wedding but don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the hair styles for you and your bridal party? Well hopefully this page of wedding hairstyles will help you decide.
When it comes to hair styling many factors need to be taken into consideration. The style of the dress, the theme of the wedding, the time of the year, where the ceremony will be held, the length and thickness of hair and the look and feel of the hair style that you and your bridal party will be happy wearing. Following are some tips and ideas of different ‘looks’ that you may like to consider.
Consideration needs to be given to the style of your wedding whether it is going to be a casual beach affair, a formal church wedding or something in between. This will often give you a starting point as to the sort of styles you might like to aim for. A beach wedding is more of a relaxed occasion and as such often a more unstructured, tousled style may be appropriate. You may also need to consider the elements such as wind which would work well with a tousled look but not so with a sleek, pulled back style that will look undone if even one hair is out of place. A more formal church ceremony may dictate a more structured style with more attention to detail, or the grandeur of the dress and surrounds may indicate a more subtle understated hair style. Of course there are no set rules and anything can apply for any wedding style but it does make sense to consider the location and what your hair will be up against.
Tousled/ Beachy styles


Structured/ Formal styles


Unique styles


Should you choose a classic upstyle, perhaps leave it all down with glorious curls or something in between? Some of the things to consider are:
What are your dress and accessories like? If you are having a formal, elaborate dress perhaps with strong accessories then possibly a stunning upstyle that will show these off would be suitable. If you dress is more understated then you may prefer a more intricate style with the emphasis more on your hair and makeup as the main features.
What will the weather be like? If it is a hot day then a cool upstyle may be more appropriate. If you like the idea of a flowy, carefree look in keeping with a beach theme then perhaps a downstyle curl would be a great choice. If the day turns windy you might like to adjust your hair style and incorporate a half up-half down style which will still provide you with length but where some of the hair is pinned up or tucked underneath to keep it more secure.
How thick and long is your hair? Hair that is very long or very thick and heavy can drag out a curl, even when the strongest of holding products are used. Your hair stylist would take this into consideration if you were wanting a downstyle curl then she may need to provide extra tight curling to start with to allow for the hair to drop. Depending on the strength of curl, the hair length can jump up by up to a 1/3 once curled so some styles do require extra long hair to achieve a curl that reaches the shoulder blades. Often having layers cut into the thick/long hair can aid in reducing how much the hair will weigh down the curl and will provide a more long lasting hold.
Are you comfortable with having your hair up; pulled away from your face; exposing your ears, etc? These are things to consider too as you do not want to be self conscious of expos-ing areas that you usually like to keep hidden. Are you okay with the feeling of pins in your hair? For most upstyles you will require quite a lot of pinning so be sure that the pins, coupled with the weight of your hair in an upstyle is comfortable for you to wear all day and night without giving you a headache.
Will you be wearing a veil, fascinator, tiara or other hair bling? Quite often the accessories can dictate the hair style and it is for this reason that wherever possible you should bring them along to your hair trial. Will you be wearing your veil, fascinator or hair piece for the entire duration of the reception or do you plan to remove it? Many brides do remove their veils and as such the hair style needs to be created with this in mind so that the hair will look great for both looks. If the veil is going to be kept in place then the hair style may not require as much intricate work at the back and more of a focus could be put on the front or sides of the style.