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Hair 4 Brides FAQs
Should I wash my hair on the day of the wedding?
No. It is best to wash your hair the morning before the wedding day to allow some of your own natural oils to come through. Very clean and shiny hair can be difficult to work with and does not hold as well as hair a day or two ‘dirty’.
How soon before my wedding day should I refresh my colour?
The week leading up to your wedding day is usually best to have your colour re-done although please ensure this is not the day before in case colour staining is still on your face. If you are planning a total colour change then trial this at least a month or two prior to the wedding day and ensure the hairdressers notes down the colours used. This allows time to change the colour if you are not happy with it prior to the wedding day.
Will my hair style last throughout the day?
Your hair will most definitely be well sprayed and pinned so there should be minimal movement and should definitely last throughout the day. If wearing a veil, your hair stylist can demonstrate how to remove this to your bridesmaids without destroying the hair style.
Are there any other special things I need to know to prepare my hair for the day?
Please leave out all styling products as your hair stylist will add these where required. Please avoid using a GHD or similar straightener and ensure hair has been thoroughly dried with a hair dryer the day before. Extra time has not been built into the wedding day timings to dry off hair (blow dry clients excepted).
When is the best time to have my hair trial?
Hair trials can be done at any time however we do recommend 2-3 months prior to the wedding date in case of a change to your allocated hair stylist. This still allows time to make changes (cuts, colours, treatments) if necessary as discussed with your hair stylist at your trial.
Can you create any hair style for me?
Well yes and no! Assuming you have enough length in your hair and the right thickness we will be able to get very close for you. Many hair styles, especially upstyles, can be deceiving and require quite long hair to achieve the style. We can often create a similar style using hair padding to add in the fullness if necessary. Your hair stylist will be able to consult you on the best style for your hair at your trial. If you are wanting a style that requires quite a deal of length then you may like to consider clip-in hair extensions to achieve this.
Are there any additional costs?
If hair padding is required to achieve your desired style then this would be an additional cost of $15.00 per piece of padding. (Usually only one piece of padding is required). We have our own brand of multi-use padding which can be used in a donut shape or long sausage shape depending on the style required. The hair padding is yours to keep afterwards.
Do you supply hair extensions?
We don’t currently supply hair extensions as they are best obtained from your own hairdresser who can colour them to match your hair perfectly. Please ensure you only purchase real human hair extensions as synthetic hair often cannot be styled with heated appliances.
In what order do you like to do the bridal party on the day?
With the exception of the bride and the flowergirls, it really doesn’t matter who goes first (mums or bridesmaids) as we will touch up everyone prior to leaving regardless. We usually like to do the bride in the middle so that her makeup artist can do her makeup last. (We both can’t work on the same person at the same time). The exception to this would be if your hair style requires a strong fringe down across the face – in this case the makeup artist may choose to go first and then we finish off with your hair. Makeup 4 Brides and Hair 4 Brides makeup artists are used to working together and will communicate with each other to ensure everything flows smoothly. It is generally recommended to leave younger flower girls hair until last purely as they can find it difficult to sit still once their hair is done, and it is often very fine and silky so the later it is done the better. Of course these recommendations are only a guide and we can do everyone in whatever order you wish.
How much time do you allow for each person?
When we first quote and confirm your booking, prior to meeting you, we work out our timings based on 45 minutes per person plus some time to set up. Generally we aim to have you completed 1 ½ hours prior to the ceremony time so that you have ample time to get dressed, have time with your photographer and then travel to the ceremony location. At the time of booking we do not know how many have very long hair or are having intricate styling, etc., so the timings are approximate and will be finetuned at your trial once your hair stylist has more of an idea as to the styles required and the time it is going to take. She may need to adjust her start time to ensure that she has everyone completed on time.
Do you charge a set price per person?
No, we are similar to a hair salon whereby we simply charge ‘per style’ (for groups of 3 or more). This means that we do not charge higher for the bride and we do not charge the same for a bridesmaid who has short hair compared to one who requires an intricate upstyle. Each is charged based on the style, length of hair and the time taken. You will receive a full list of our pricing schedule so that you are fully informed of the scope of pricing. Flowergirls are a variable price dependant on the length and style required. Very young flower girls will only be charged the minimum price however a flowergirl with hair longer than the bridal party that requires as much work will be charged accordingly.


  • Definitely book early for all your wedding day services including makeup and hair.Brides are booking as far as 18 months in advance.Check availability for your wedding date when you ‘request a quote’.
  • Gently exfoliate dry lips with a soft toothbrush – after brushing your teeth in the shower rinse your brush and gently brush over the lips to remove any loose dry skin. Apply Blistex Lip conditioner daily.
  • Exfoliate your face weekly to remove build up of dead skin on your face. Again, this is easiest done in the shower – when your conditioner is in your hair quickly scrub your face concentrating around your nose and forehead. Apply a generous amount of moisturiser straight afterwards.Consider having your eyelashes tinted at the same time as your eyebrow wax. One less thing to worry about on your honeymoon and less mascara needed on your wedding day!
  • If considering a spray tan – opt for a ‘caramel’ based colour rather than a ‘golden’ base which can often look orange if over-applied. Ensure you moisturise any dry areas such as ankles, elbows and knees the day before having a spray tan as the colour will tend to ‘grab’ more in the drier areas. Airbrush makeup is especially good for blending your face in with your spray tan.
  • Ensure you wear a buttoned front shirt when having hair and makeup done on your wedding day so you are not having to lift anything over your head. If having airbrush makeup done, a strapless ‘boob tube’ top is ideal to allow for the decolletage area to be sprayed.
  • Opt for Airbrush Makeup to cover strap marks in your suntan
  • This may seem like a strange point, but don’t forget to plan some lunch or a substantial snack when getting ready on your wedding day. With all the excitement preparing for the wedding often brides forget to actually eat and drink prior to the ceremony and it can be quite some time before getting a meal. Make sure you are fully hydrated with plenty of water during the preparation time and visit the loo before putting the dress on. This can help avoid some interesting moments later on especially for brides wearing full gowns when nature calls!