So you are searching through possibly hundreds of different wedding suppliers offering all types of products and services for your wedding day and have narrowed it down to perhaps a few in each category that you are really keen on…but how can you tell if the images used on their websites are actually their own work?  Well there is a way.

Here’s how:

  • Right click on the image that you are looking at and save it to your desktop on your computer.
  • Open your internet browser and go to
  • At the top right click on ‘images’
  • The Google search box will show a camera icon in the right side.
  • Click on the camera icon
  • Click on ‘upload image’ and then click ‘browse’.
  • Find the image that you downloaded from the website and click on it.
  • Google will then search the internet for locations where this particular image has appeared.

If it appears on websites such as iStockphotos or Shutterstock then these are stock photos that are sold and are not original work by the supplier. Check the website address or URL under the image where it appears in the Google search and this should show you where the image has also appeared.  If it appears on an opposition company’s website then there is a chance that one of them have ‘borrowed’ the images from the other.  (interpret ‘borrowed’ as you see fit).  🙂

  • The same image may appear on other wedding suppliers websites if they also were involved in the wedding day – ie. photographer, dress company, florist, hair stylist, venue, etc., as wedding suppliers involved in that particular bride’s wedding day may also have received a copy of the image, however if the websites look dodgy (have no relevance to the location/business that you are researching) or are from an overseas company then this would generally indicate that they are stock photos or have been ‘borrowed’ from somewhere else and are not their own work.
  • Some companies may use generic conceptual images when constructing their website however photos used as examples of their work or products should only be of work that the company has done themselves.  This is especially true for makeup artists and hair stylists where examples of their work is paramount to their business.
  • You then need to make your own mind up from there but at least you have the tools to research thoroughly and can accurately compare apples with apples.

    Makeup 4 Brides and Hair 4 Brides display ONLY images of work created by Makeup 4 Brides and Hair 4 Brides stylists and brides.